Making complex systems easier to understand and use.

One person

My expertise, experience
- and my total effort -
will help you succeed and achieve your goals.

Can one person make a difference? Can one person make a lasting, significant impact on your business success?

You already know the answer to that question.

Every time you work with someone, you answer that question. Every time you add to your team, you answer that question. Every time you hire, you answer that question.

I am Aub Harden and I will make a difference.

How can I help you?

As with most things in business, and in life, that depends. What are you trying to accomplish? What resources, what people and skill sets are you already employing or are able to employ to achieve your goals?

Over the course of my 15 years in the software industry, I've worked successfully to make complex technologies easy to use. I worked with the X Window System as it moved from academia into the commercial space. I worked with Java as it first became an option for software developers. And I worked with the mobile internet as it moved from HDML to WML to XHTML.

My time in start-ups and in larger companies has given me the opportunity to explore and succeed in a myriad of areas- in my core areas of expertise- product marketing and product management- and in other areas such as general marketing, public relations, conference direction, technical writing, and training.

Contact me and together we can determine the best way for me to assist you, whether it be planning- on the strategic end of the spectrum; or execution- on the tactical end of the spectrum; or some combination of the two.